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The importance of pH Value

All Bodyologist products are skin balanced so they match the skins natural pH level. When the skin is kept in the right balance it works on its own to keep out the bad and hold on to all the good. So pH is an important factor for your skins overall health.

In order to keep a healthy and normal functioning skin barrier the pH should be around 5, which is slightly acidic, so the ideal products should have a similar pH.

The skin is then able to function at its best and work as a great protector. A lot of factors can have an affection on the pH, such as sweat, water, sun exposure, pollution and the overall seasons.

But taking care of your skin with products that match the pH value can help you keep your skin healthy and balanced.

The pH is just one thing among other factors in overall skincare, but together with active and well-documented ingredients and of course sunscreen, you can help your skin stay in good shape and even improve its condition and appearance.

All Bodyologist products are formulated with a pH value between 4,85 and 5,5 which is completely aligned with the skins own pH balance. For full transparency we put the pH value on the front of our products.

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