Power Couples

The Bodyologist products is formulated with some of the best and well-documented active and effective ingredients, including the natural ingredients. But some of the ingredients actually enhances each other and help each other and then two plus two sums up to five.

A-VITAMIN A + NIACINAMIDE: Vitamin A (retinol) can, in some cases, irritate the skin a bit, but Niacinamide will calm and soothe the skin at the same time, and hereby create a balance in the skin.

VITAMIN A + HYALURONIC ACID: The Hyaluronic Acid will moisture the skin and make the skin more receptive to the Vitamin A (retinol) so it can help smooth the skin and stimulate the collagen production.

AHA + VITAMIN A: The AHA helps to transport the Vitamin A (retinol) to the lower layers of the skin where it can work its best.

SQUALANE + SHEABUTTER: Among other abilities these will help calming and strengthen the skins barrier which can be a bit disturbed by the Vitamin A and the acids, but in this joint combination you get the best of both worlds.